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New Regur RO-DOZ 33

New Regur RO-DOZ 33


Do have more than one available

Please note the rings are not included so would have to be brought Separately. We can get these in for you

New Regur RO-DOZ 33 with swivelling magazine for connecting and attaching gabions, stone baskets, wire mesh and much more. locking option for fast working with one hand and automatic ring feed.

When working in confined spaces, light pressure on the handle detaches a ring from the ring bar

and held in the jaws of the pliers. Then release the upper lever and swing the magazine away upwards.

The ring is placed in the desired position and securely closed. The swivelling magazine is designed

to allow precise attachment of rings even in hard-to-reach areas.

-Loads a whole band of 25 rings, inside diameter approx. 14 mm, the wire thickness of the rings

is 3.8 mm.

The rings are available in Alu, Galvanized, Inox and Alu-Zi.

Most popular is Alu-Zi, 6 times more durable against rust than the galvanized version and comfortable to process.

Optionally, many wire rings (galvanised, aluminium-zinc, aluminium) are available - for a variety of applications.

Quick work is made possible by 25 ring clips per charge and the automatic ring thrust

Quick and easy to use.

Inner ring diameter of the rings approx. 14 mm.

Adjustable magazine to reach hard-to-reach places.

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