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Cosmetic Damage Arabu Blanket Chest

Cosmetic Damage Arabu Blanket Chest


Cosmetic Damage Arabu Blanket Chest


RRP £599.99

AF As Found

It does have wheels on the bottom so can be wheeled around and handles on both side.

This is new but at some point it was damaged in the warehouse so has had a repair on the top of the lid so please make sure to check out the photos. But it still is a lovely box and has plenty of room inside. And would look stunning in anyone's home.

Material: Solid Wood

Wood Species: Mango

Overall: 45cm H X 146cm W X 40cm D

Overall Product Weight: 24.9kg

The handcrafted white finish gives it a sleek and modern look that blends perfectly with any decor. But what really makes this boot special are the carved wooden details with golden details, which give it a unique and sophisticated touch.

The hinged lid of the boot is easy to open and close, and in doing so, reveals a large storage space for all sorts of things. Whether it's bedding, toys, books or anything else, this boot is large enough to store a lot of items safely and neatly.

All in all, this wooden boot with handcrafted mango wood finish, white colour, hinged lid decorated in carved wood with golden details and large storage space is an excellent choice for those who are looking for a stylish, functional and durable piece of furniture for their home.

This stunning wooden boot is handcrafted from mango wood, which gives it exceptional quality and durability

Could also be used as a coffee Table

Sold By Seals Locker

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